Bolt Attachment changes Partial Denture Prosthodontics
ISBN 978-4-8160-1295-2
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− Suginaka “Riegel”(Bolt)® System with various applications to prosthodontic rehabilitation −


著者:Koh-ichi Suginaka

パーシャルデンチャーを変えるリーゲル ー適応範囲の広いスギナカリーゲルのすべてー


Based on the theory and practice of “Suginaka Bolt (Riegel) Attachment with
the long year clinical experience, one can develop more versatile and rational
designing and clinical application of the prosthesis in the field of removable

Removable prostheses designed with the Suginaka Bolt (Riegel) Attachment are
featured with their easier handling, excellent masticatory performance, good fitness to
the oral tissues and long term durability.
One can develop wider range of indications of the removable prostheses based on the
minute technical bases and clinical applications written in this present book.


Chapter 1 Requirements for retainers used in removable partial dentures (RPD’s)
Chapter 2 Problems with the retentive mechanism for RPD retainers
Chapter 3 Superiority of the retentive mechanism with Bolt (Riegel) Attachment
Chapter 4 Suginaka Bolt (Riegel) Attachment can simplify the dental prosthetic laboratory procedure
Chapter 5 Suginaka Bolt (Riegel) retainers
Chapter 6 Suginaka bolt denture system
Chapter 7 Clinical cases with Suginaka Bolt (Riegel)
Chapter 8 Features of Suginaka bolt dentures